Rural R4U


Ringette 4 U in an Instructor Led Program. Due to the challenges of Instructors reaching all Rural Manitoba communities, the Head Coaches play a larger role in the Rural R4U Program.

*Rural Communities may participate in Urban R4U should they meet the following criteria

o   Squad Formation (Separating into Red, Purple and Green squads respectively)

o   Sufficient Instructor Development

o   Ability to follow Urban Game Formats.




·         There will be approx. 4 Lessons per month that take place in your community (or closest available community)

o   Minimum 2 Lessons will be delivered by an MRA Instructor. (unless otherwise arranged between a squad and the MRA)

o   Additional Lessons delivered by an MRA Instructor need to be arranged between the squad requesting and the R4U Coordinator.




·         Weekend Games are run by Head Coaches and Instructors in the game format that is provided.


·         It is very important that Head Coaches follow the game format provided as deviating will affect the consistency and delivery of the program from community to community.




Rural Game Format:




  • Divided Ice Games (30 minutes)
  • Half time (5 minutes)
  • Full Ice Game (30 minutes)




  • .Coaches will divide players into 3 groups according to developmental ability
  • Players will play 3 on 3 or similar (depending on numbers)
  • Coaches will implement a series of rules in each group (depending on strength)
    • Ex. Each player must touch the ring before the they shoots on net


Players will break for half time.


Full Ice Game Rules:

  • Ringette Canada Rules apply.
  • There are no penalties called at this stage.
  • Games are played 5 on 5 plus a goalie.
  • Line changes every 3 minutes at the whistle.
  • Goalies rotate at every line change.
  • There is no score or standings kept at this stage.




Rural Game (divided ice) Format Diagram:


 April 2019 


There are no cancellations at this time!!

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