Head Coach Roles & Responsibilities


R4U Head Coach Roles & Responsibilities

Coaches may be asked by their association to go on the ice during assessments.


Responsibilities during the Lesson:

The Head Coach is in charge of all of the assistant coaches.


· Review the Lesson plan with the Instructor.


· The Head Coach will help ensure that players are paying attention to the instructor when she is talking (both on and off the ice)


· The Head Coach will direct the assistant coaches what to set up for the next drill as the Instructor is explaining it.


· The Head Coach or Assistant Coach will demo the drill while the Instructor talks to the players.


· If a player needs assistance because of injury, water, needs a break; the Head coach will organize an assistant coach to accompany them or get a parent.


· Head Coach may need to assume the Roles and Responsibilities of the Instructor if the Instructor is absent.


· Head Coach may need to perform other duties as required.


During the Game:

Have lines made up for the game

Ex. Who is playing Defense/Forward/ Goalie Rotation if applicable. (Green)

Ex. Who is playing first and who is taking their Lesson first (Red/Purple)


Direct Assistant coaches to where they are needed

Opening the gate, 1 coach being on the ice to help direct, etc.


When there is only 1 female coach available, they should always be present on the bench for games, (or assisting with the practice) not being the on ice game coach.


Behind the Scenes:

*The Head Coach MUST be present at the R4U Town hall Meeting.


The Head coach will receive access to R4U lesson plans electronically.


The Head Coach is responsible for working with the Squad Manager to ensure that:


· All forms are handed in on time and correctly.


· Be a contact for the MRA


· Certification of all coaching staff is complete and correct.


· Planning additional activities for your squad.


· Holding a Parent meeting to discuss:

The Season Plan (How things will work)



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