Rural Assessment Format



The Assessment process will be broken in the following format:*Skate 3 and 4 may be done in reverse if needed to allow for the appropriate resources to be available.*

*Coaches are encouraged and needed on the ice during assessments. The ratios should be 1 to 5 for coach/player ratio. No more than 5 coaches should be on the ice at a time.*


Skate 1 - Camp Skate:


The MRA Instructor will be on the ice running the players through a series of drills that will assist them in getting into "Ringette mode".  Coaches will provide assistance and a little instruction to the players during this skate.


Skate 2 – Station Assessment:


There will be Instructors and coaches on the ice running the players through a series of stations. Coaches will provide minimal instruction to the players during this skate. MRA Instructors will be "assessing" the players on the ice based on MRA criteria


Skate 3 - Group Assessment:


There will be MRA Instructors and 2-4 Coaches on the ice plus 1 - 2 MRA Assessors in the Stands (depending on size of group). Players will be divided into 2 groups if needed. The Instructors on the ice will run the players through a Lesson while the Assessors are assessing from the Stands.


Skate 4 - Stage Assessment:


There will be 3 Coaches on the ice plus MRA Instructors. Based upon the first 3 Skates, players will be broken down into Red/Purple/Green groups. They will be put through a series of drills specific to their level. The coaches & Instructor will then move players to a different group if they feel that they are not being challenged, being challenged too much or are standing out in their group. * Possible discussion between Instructor and Head Coach in regards to assessment.




Players will take part in an official end of season assessment from February 1st to 18th 2016. This assessment will take place during one of their scheduled lessons.


The date of the end of season assessment will be included on the 2nd half schedule.


*Coaches will be contacted for their personal player assessments prior to the official skate*

 April 2019 


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