Red Stage:

This stage is for players who are primarily new Ringette players that have never skated or who are just beginning to skate. 

The focus of this stage is on learning skating skills while being introduced to ring skills and the game of ringette. 

In this stage players take skill specific lessons and play split ice games every ice time after the assessments. The season culminates with a fun-filled R4U Jamboree Day for all participants. 




Red Season Format:


·         Assessment Camp (4 Sessions)


Every Ice time see's the same format:

·         Players are broken into 3 stations and rotate through them during the ice time.

·         2x stations with FUNdamental skill development drills; 1x station with a 1/3 ice game.





Red skills to be learned:

Skating Skills:

·         Demonstrate the basic Ringette stance

·         Show the ability to get back up after falling

·         Balance on Skates

·         Have a basic forward stride

·         Show the ability to skate with the ring

·         Show the basics of a snow plow stop

Ring Skills:

·         Able to hold the stick correctly to receive a pass often

·         Able to pass the ring to a target often

·         Able to receive the ring from an instructor often

·         Able to shoot the ring (forehand sweep) into the net

·         Concept of Checking


Red URBAN Games:


·         1/3 Ice games



·         There are no official rules at this stage.

·         Games are played 3 on 3 (depending on numbers)

·         Games use smaller nets or 2 pylons set up as a net.

·         There are no goalies at this stage.

·         Players rotate through every 5 - 7 minutes.

·         There is no score or standings kept at this stage.


 April 2019 


There are no cancellations at this time!!

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